Clarence Pollard – Honorary Director

Clarence Pollard is currently the Vice President of Construction for TD Bank corporation.

He is responsible for the development, construction, and overall budgets for all new projects in New Jersey Pennsylvania and Long Island New York. Clarence is held this position for the last eight years.

An architect by degree Clarence began his career as a Store Designer for the legendary Hill Refrigeration Corporation where he spent the first five years designing supermarkets for such outstanding stores ass Publix, Wegmans, and Super Fresh markets.

In 1980 Clarence accepted the position as Corporate Architect for the ShopRite Supermarket Corporation. Over the next 15years. Clarence was influential in designing over 50 new supermarkets including the new corporate standard design which is still used today.

In an attempt to expand his knowledge of construction, Clarence accepted a position as Regional Construction Director for the Burger King Corporation. While thereĀ  he built over 40 new stores in New York, Philadelphia, Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, and Ohio.

A graduate of Architecture from Mercer College and Temple University.

Clarence resides in Lawrence, New Jersey with his Ursula, and their two daughter Chyna and Alexandra.

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